SENIORS HOUSING® Structures Financing

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Arbor Bridge Loans offer commercial real estate investors the opportunity to leverage short-term financing benefits without compromising their long-term ROI, making your property’s financial transition seamless.

Loan Amount $5 million minimum
Loan Term Generally 1 to 3 years. Extension options available.
Amortization Determined on a case-by-case basis. Typically interest only-payments.
Minimum DSCR 1.10x “As Is”, 1.30x – 1.40x stabilized. Lower DSCR’s considered if payment supported by pre-funded interest reserves or guarantees.
Maximum LTV Up to 80% Stabilized
LTC Up to 80% as measured by new cash equity in the transaction (Purchase Price + Cap Ex = Costs)
Interest Rate Floating rate over LIBOR index. Spread varies based on risk and terms.
Recourse Generally Non-Recourse – except typical “Bad Boy” carve-outs
Eligible Property ILF, ALF, ALZ, SNF or combination
Eligible Transactions Traditional acquisitions, acquisitions with rehab component, debt buy-backs with fresh equity and properties in lease-up in strong markets
Sponsorship Established track record and appropriate net worth and liquidity commensurate with transaction
Security First mortgage lien on subject property
Tax and Insurance Escrows Monthly deposits required
Replacement Reserves Monthly deposits required
Prepayment Generally permitted
Third Party Reports Appraisal, Phase I, Property Condition Assessment, Zoning Report, Liability Risk Assessment, Seismic (if applicable)
Expense Deposit Generally $50,000
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