A multifamily loan closing is only the first stage in Arbor’s relationship with borrowers. Our experienced in-house multifamily servicing and asset management teams perpetuate the financial partnership with our clients, assisting through the lifecycle of all loans. Arbor’s servicing division currently oversees a multi-billion-dollar portfolio of assets across the multifamily and commercial real estate sector and our unique structure and exemplary level of customer service allow us to see to our clients’ needs year after year and deal after deal.

Arbor Servicing & Asset Management Distinctions

  • Above Average-rated Primary Commercial Loan and Special Servicer by Standard & Poor’s
  • Rated Primary Commercial Loan Servicer and Loan Level Special Servicer by Fitch Ratings
  • Member of Standard & Poor’s Select Servicer List

Servicing Team

Based in Depew, NY, Arbor’s servicing group has demonstrated ability to proactively manage the company’s serviced portfolio. The group proudly boasts an average of 27 years of dedicated commercial mortgage servicing experience through the historical fluctuations of the real estate cycle. The division also continues to advance in step with our borrowers’ unique needs, and most recently through the introduction of a borrower-focused Web portal, where our borrowers can easily access their loan information and obtain quick answers to their questions.

The servicing group is primarily responsible for proactive risk mitigation for the benefit of investors, security holders and Arbor. Comprised of asset management, operations and construction administration, the division assesses loan performance in the key areas of financial analysis/project operations, project condition, borrower commitment, tax and insurance administration and delinquency control.

Arbor services a multi-billion-dollar portfolio consisting of thousands of multifamily and commercial real estate loans for a multitude of investors, including Fannie Mae, institutional entities, Wall Street firms, private mortgage holders and affiliates. Diverse in nature and scope, our nationwide serviced portfolio includes mezzanine financing, permanent deals, construction/funded-forward products, REIT/securitized transaction loans and HUD-insured projects.

Arbor’s Servicing department oversees a vast array of loan products including:
• Fixed-rate loans
• Adjustable-rate loans
• Credit facility transactions
• Moderate and substantial rehabilitation loans
• Seniors housing loans
• Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS)