Flexible & Efficient Multifamily Financing Enhanced with the Arbor Advantage

Whether you need a small or large loan, Arbor’s customized, flexible and, above all, personalized Freddie Mac platform can provide the innovative multifamily financing you need to take advantage of today’s dynamic market, including such unique features as interest-only provisions and an ability to work beyond your transactional or operational obstacles to close on the loan that works best for your investment. It’s the best of Freddie Mac enhanced with the Arbor advantage.

Freddie Mac Loan Programs

Standard Coop Apt
Supplemental Lease-Up
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Small Loan Freddie-Moderate-Rehab-btn
Seniors Housing Freddie-Value-Add-btn
Student Housing Freddie-Value-Add-btn
Freddie Mac
Multifamily Financing
One Pager

Conventional Structured Transactions
  • Ability to lock credit terms and interest rates prior to even identifying your property for purchase
  • Built-in pricing and pre-negotiated loan documents
Fixed-Rate Mortgages
  • Streamlined and flexible path to funding
Floating-Rate Mortgages
  • Lowest price available with streamlined and
    flexible execution
Small Balance Loans
  • Non-recourse, long-term $1M to $5M loans
  • Full-term interest-only options and low interest rates
Freddie Mac Student Housing MortgagesSM
  • Flexible terms, including 30-year amortization and
    full-term interest-only
  • Flexible eligibility requirements
Supplemental Mortgages
  • Obtain financing in addition to an existing mortgage without full refinance costs
  • Fixed- and floating-rate available
  • Supplemental financing available behind securitized mortgages
Co-op Loans
Early Rate Lock
  • Quickly rate lock the entire coupon and establish the mortgage amount with reduced documentation and zero breakage fees
Fast TrackEarly Rate Lock
  • One-business-day turnaround
Index Lock
  • Mitigates interest rate volatility by allowing you to lock the underlying Treasury at any time

  • Expert In-Housing Servicing
  • Personalized Benefits of Working with a True Relationship Lender
  • Deal Customization
  • Transactional Flexibility
  • Local Market Expertise

Eligible Markets
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut