1 on 1 with Ivan Kaufman

One on One with Ivan Kaufman

Webinar Series

Ivan Kaufman
Ivan Kaufman
Chairman and CEO

The One on One with Ivan Kaufman webinar series features exclusive commercial and multifamily real estate market insight from some of the leading minds in the industry and stars Arbor’s own Chairman and CEO, Ivan Kaufman. With well over 30 years of real estate market experience, Ivan is one of the industry’s leading financial innovators, having found success in building several lending companies and growing financial partnerships with clients throughout the residential and commercial markets across all market cycles. Arbor clients will enjoy his unique perspectives designed to enhance their financing and overall business strategies.

Second Quarter Episode: – June 22, 2016

Get the latest insight on where the CMBS market has shifted, how the political climate is now affecting the economy and discover how new market fundamentals are yielding unique opportunities for multifamily affordable housing investment in several ways, including low-income housing tax credits (LIHTC).

Commercial Real Estate Market Movements

Affordable Housing Investment Opportunities

In-Depth Tutorial on Low-Income Housing Tax Credits

Premier Webinar Episode – March 23, 2016

Get high-level insight on the commercial and multifamily real estate markets, where they are trending and how you can best prepare your business with Arbor Chairman and CEO Ivan Kaufman and Dr. Sam Chandan, Founder and Chief Economist of Chandan Economics. Topics include macroeconomic and real estate market outlooks plus trends in the CMBS sector and millennial demand.

Macroeconomic Overview

CMBS Market Status

The Turn of the Real Estate Market Cycle

Millennials & Multifamily Demand

Multifamily New Construction & Supply Trends

How Arbor is Working to Enhance Your Business

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